We learn not for school, but for life.

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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

– Albert Einstein

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“Powhatan is the academic leader of today because of the vision and generosity of our founding families.
Our STEM campaign will build upon this strong foundation and continue to inspire learning for our current and future students in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. Truly, this initiative embodies the enduring Powhatan spirit of ‘learning not for school but for life.”

– Sue Scarborough, Head of School

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Here is a partial list of where some of our most recent graduates have continued their careers at the collegiate level:

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Shakespeare Week 2018 (11/14/2018) -
It’s Shakespeare Week! We hope you plan to join us Friday night at 7pm as the eighth grade presents Julius Caesar. An interesting twist to the play this year is a change in the time period. The play is set in an alternate history, with Rome being a Soviet Satellite...
Clare Ferrell Early Childhood Speaker Series: “The Importance of Play for Pre-School and Primary Aged Children” (10/25/2018) -
DOROTHY SLUSS, RETIRED COLLEGE PROFESSOR AND AUTHOR TO SPEAK ON THE IMPORTANCE OF PLAY FOR PRE-SCHOOL AND PRIMARY SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN Dr. Dorothy J. Sluss will speak on her passion of early childhood education and the importance of play for pre-school and primary school aged children on Friday, November 2,...
Shakespeare Week: Et tu, Brute? (11/15/2018) -
Shakespeare Week is upon us. Et tu, Brute? The annual Shakespeare production has been a milestone event for eighth graders for four decades. Looked upon at Powhatan School as almost a rite of passage, this year the class will present William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. An interesting twist to Julius Caesar is a...
Shakespeare Week: The Bard & Language Arts (11/14/2018) -
Performing a Shakespeare play for the school community is a Powhatan tradition that lends itself to cross-curricular learning. In the early weeks of the school year, while the actors became familiar with their Julius Caesar roles and lines during drama class, they concurrently studied William Shakespeare’s language and Julius Caesar’s...