We learn not for school but for life.


Powhatan School believes that successful education creates lifelong learners who use their knowledge, creativity, and skills to be confident students in an ever-changing world.


To learn for life…….


We seek excellence by recognizing the uniqueness of each individual and expecting members of the community to strive for their personal best.


We display civility by honoring the value of each person and treating others with courtesy and consideration.


We live with integrity by instilling a love of honesty and an enduring sense of responsibility.


We promote respect by realizing our responsibility to all people and the environment, locally and globally.


We encourage service by fostering the understanding that service to others creates a better world for all.


Powhatan School believes in educating and challenging each individual academically, artistically, athletically, and ethically.  Powhatan will expose its students to the finest teaching through a literature-based curriculum, an emphasis on the environment, and a spirit of inquiry.  We believe in challenging, nurturing, and supporting our students to ensure they will continue to learn and grow.


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