• Guest Author: Maggie Stiefvater

    Maggie Stiefvater – best-selling author, artist, musician, motorsports enthusiast, and mom – visited Powhatan School as a part of our Guest Author program. She spent a Friday in the classroom meeting with students to share her writing experience and then hosted a workshop on Saturday. The Writer’s Workshop drew 20…

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  • Celebrating the roots of Powhatan School with a Blue Ridge Country Day Reunion

    September 24, 2016 was a memorable night for a special group of Powhatan alumni and, the staff who organized it! Over 50 attendees from the very beginnings of Powhatan, the Blue Ridge Country Day School,  came together to take a walk down memory lane, sharing their history and memories along…

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  • 2 ways to test the ‘Mystery Liquid’

    The third graders have been practicing using the scientific method as a way to give structure to their questions and explorations. In this pH lab, students used a natural indicator – cabbage juice – to test whether 4 liquids were acidic, basic, or neutral. Students used graduated cylinders to measure…

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  • Leadership roles and a strong affirmation of the K-8 environment

    A recent study released by researchers at Syracuse University and New York University, highlighted in this NPR article by Anya Kamenetz, provides a strong affirmation of the K-8 learning environment. The study examined experiences of students in New York City at schools serving various grades. They specifically focused on the…

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  • Kindergarten & First Grade Field Trip

    Kindergarten & first grade took a field trip to Blandy Farm this week. Blandy Experimental Farm is a 700-acre University of Virginia research facility located in Clarke County and is the home of the State Arboretum of Virginia. Watch the video below to find out more: This is a special…

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  • Evolving Traditions

    From The Powhatan Shop to Rummage Sale George Bernard Shaw once said, “Tradition is a lantern. The foolish hold onto it, the clever allow it to light the way.” The tradition of community service and philanthropy has been lighting the way for Powhatan School since it was founded in 1948.…

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  • STEM: Acceleration & Motion

    The eighth grade has been studying motion in science class. This week students worked on a project that incorporated science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as they explored the subject of motion. Small groups of students built small carts out of LEGOS capable of carrying a smart phone. Using an…

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  • Starting the year off on the right foot: Upper School Retreat

    One of the oldest and most enduring traditions at Powhatan is the Upper School Retreat. A wonderful event that encourages teamwork and collaboration through two days worth of fun and sometimes challenging events, it is an experience that bonds classmates and teachers alike and is one of the important milestones…

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  • 2016 High School Graduate Survey

    The Class of 2012 has just graduated from high school and are currently enjoying the first semester in college. Before they left, we caught up with them to complete the latest graduate survey. View the infographic attached to see the survey results in full. “When we get this information from…

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  • Class of 2012: Off to College

    The faculty, staff and entire Powhatan community wish you the very best! The Powhatan School Class of 2012 will continue their education this fall at the following Colleges & Universities: Beloit College Carnegie Mellon University College of William and Mary* Drexel University Ferrum College George Mason University Hampshire College Mary…

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  • Congratulations to the 2016-17 POST/RAIL Captains!

    Congratulations to the 2016-17 POST/RAIL Captains! POST/RAIL Captains are selected each year during Upper School Retreat. Applicants are required to make a presentation in front of all Upper School students as selections are made. Rail students in Upper School then vote for Rail captains, and Post students in Upper School…

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  • Challenge Activities: Reflections on Upper School Retreat

    We caught up with three teachers to get an idea of what their favorite Challenge Activities were at Upper School Retreat:      

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