First Grade: Chinese New Year 2014

TryChina904The First Grade social studies curriculum explores two countries that play an important role in the lives of modern-day Americans: Mexico, our neighbor to the South; and China, the most populous country with a rapidly growing economy. Students revisit an earlier taught geography unit as they learn about the geographic features, the culture and the contributions of China and, later, Mexico. Students explore each country’s rich past and ancient civilizations by comparing and contrasting them to the present day.

The Chinese Unit of Study culminates on Chinese New Year with a dragon parade and Chinese feast, where children sample cuisine. This cross-curricular study allows children to read fiction and non-fiction stories through shared reading and Guided Reading, write stories, study maps, discover plant and animal life, learn songs and dances, create authentic art work and become immersed in the culture.

View the video below to learn more:

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