What were the most popular YouTube videos last year?

Each summer we look back at the most popular blog posts and videos from the past school year.

Top-10 Videos  

This past February we hit a major milestone, eclipsing 100,000 total views on our YouTube Page. In the lifetime of the page, we’ve received roughly 138,400 views. We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing your children in action throughout the year!

Next week we will start with our annual Top-10 List of the most popular classroom videos from the school’s YouTube channel. In the time period from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017, our YouTube page videos received approximately 77,956 views for a total of 123,976 minutes. These include new and previously created videos. During that same time period, we created a total of 59 videos ranging from experiences in pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. Of note, the First Day of School video below received 13,618 views, so we’ve taken it out of the running in the Top-10 and focused on projects/trips/classroom experiences.

TOP-10 VIDEOS SERIES*: We are revisiting the 2016-17 school year by counting down the Top-10 classroom videos from our YouTube page. Check back each morning on the school facebook page next week as we release a few videos on the countdown to #1 on Friday:

Monday:  Videos  #9 & #10

Tuesday:  Videos #6, #7 & #8

Wednesday:  Videos  #4 & #5

Thursday:  Videos  #2 & #3

Friday:  The #1 most popular classroom video


*This only records YouTube video statistics. This school year we uploaded 33 videos directly to facebook and received 21,000+ in-platform video views.

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