Each summer we look back at the most popular blog posts and videos from the past school year.

Top-10 Videos

This past June we hit a major milestone, eclipsing 250,000 total views on our school YouTube Page. In the lifetime of the page, we’ve now received roughly 257,881 views. We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing your children in action throughout the year!

This week we will start with our annual Top-10 List of the most popular classroom videos from the school’s YouTube channel. In the time period from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018, our YouTube page videos received approximately 118,197 views for a total of 154,969 minutes. These include new and previously created videos. During that same time period, we created a total of 49 videos ranging from experiences in pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. Of note, the First Day of School video below received 2,139 views, so we’ve taken it out of the running in the Top-10 and focused on projects/trips/classroom experiences.

Videos are ranked by the total number of views they received between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.


Release Schedule:

Each day this week we will unveil new on our school blog (check our facebook page daily). Here is the countdown for each ranking:

Videos 10 & 9   (Monday, July 30)   (CLICK HERE)

Videos 8, 7 & 6   (Tuesday, July 31)   (CLICK HERE)

Videos 5 & 4   (Wednesday, August 1st)

Videos 3 & 2    (Thursday, August 2nd)

Video 1    (Friday, August 3rd)

The 2016-17 winner was the fifth grade field trip to Hemlock Overlook (below). Who will take the top spot this year?

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