Environmental Stewardship

A commitment to environmental education has existed at Powhatan School for decades. In recognition of this effort, Powhatan was honored by receiving 1st Place in the VAIS “Go Green Challenge” for Independent Schools  in the state. (Day School 200-500 student category)

Just a few of the ongoing efforts in this area include:

  • The unique NEAL curriculum (Nature-Enhanced Approach to Learning)
  • A daily recycling program on campus
  • Ongoing exploration of the Crocker Conservancy on campus
  • The McIntosh Center for the Arts & Sciences, also home to the Upper School science department, is heated and cooled by geothermal technology – by roughly 29 wells drawing water from the stream that winds gently through campus. Further architectural designs in the facility enhance the environmental impact of the building
  • Powhatan is the recycling center for a section of Clarke County


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