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Where do your students go after they graduate?

“Where do your students go after they graduate?” It is a question we hear on campus tours from parents who are considering Powhatan for their children;  where do your students go after they graduate?  With the excitement of last week’s… Continue Reading →

Exploring the Wetlands

Our third graders have been studying the importance of the wetlands on the Crocker Conservancy. Students put on their muck boots and waded into the wetlands to discover which plants and insects were thriving in our calcareous muck fen. Throughout our… Continue Reading →

Fourth Grade State Fair Project

The fourth grade presented their annual State Fair on Friday, May 31st. Each student chose a state to study with the aim of becoming an expert of their state. They set up stations surrounding Ibit’s Courtyard to share their information…. Continue Reading →

POSTS/RAILS Field Day 2019

The annual Field Day, pitting POSTS vs. RAILS, was held Friday, May 24. Find out who won:

Intro to Entrepreneurship: Market Day

Second graders have been participating in a Project Based Learning (PBL) activity that centers around a mini economy called Market Day. Second grade studied the dynamics of an economy and then applied their understanding in the role of an entrepreneur… Continue Reading →

Passive Solar Technology

For the past three weeks seventh graders have been exploring alternative energy sources. Through multiple hands-on science labs, students have worked on a number of design challenges based around biofuels, solar, geothermal, hydro-electric and wind energy. They wrapped up last… Continue Reading →

Big Dreams Day!

Fifth Grade received an awesome surprise yesterday with Big Dreams Day! Big Dreams Day Big Dreams Day is an opportunity for fifth grade students to meet with a mentor within their preferred field of study/dream career and learn a bit… Continue Reading →

Busy Bees!

The bees are back at Powhatan! The Earth Day 2019 theme was “Protect Our Species” along with exploring pollinators. Here at Powhatan, we have a beautiful, natural showcase in our sprawling campus and the Crocker Conservancy. Our trees burst into… Continue Reading →

Trout Release (Spout Run)

Fourth graders released more than 30 native Brook Trout into a restored section of Spout Run in Millwood, Va. yesterday. Students have taken part in Trout Unlimited’s “Trout in the Classroom” school program, raising the eggs this year in the… Continue Reading →

April Letter: Earth Week, Nature and the Impact on our Health

There is current research focusing on the positive effects on our bodies of getting outside. A fascinating study out of Aarhaus University in Denmark tracks one million individuals over almost three decades. While it focuses on the connection between health and nature…

Earth Week: Pollinators

Earth Week: Pollinators Each year we have a different theme for Earth Week, with overarching activities stemming from the theme. This year’s theme is “Pollination.”   Cross-Curricular: Second Graders will complete a Native Pollinator Survey. This cross-curricular study brings together… Continue Reading →

First Grade Mason Bee Houses

During their Earth Week study of Pollinators, the first grade built bee houses specifically designed for mason bees. Mason bees are solitary bees, meaning that they do not live in a hive. Because they don’t need to protect the hive, they tend… Continue Reading →

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