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Setting the tone for the year

One of the oldest and most enduring traditions at Powhatan is the Upper School Retreat. A wonderful event that encourages teamwork and collaboration through two days worth of fun and sometimes challenging events, it is an experience that bonds classmates… Continue Reading →

Anderson Day of Service

On May first, Powhatan students and guests gathered on Crocker to celebrate Earth Day and honor our friend and past board president…

Visiting experts provide engaging, real world connections to enhance learning

Throughout our curriculum at Powhatan, teachers often bring in experts in various fields to spark enthusiasm, inspire students to think beyond the classroom, and show that we truly do learn not for school, but for life. This year in science… Continue Reading →

How we learn & the power of positivity

The after-school MakerSpace program has been exploring the 3D printer. In this video, Mr. Holloway discusses the 3D printer, learning through failure and the importance of approaching activities with a positive frame of mind!  

STEM Competition Champions!

A Powhatan School STEM team placed first out of 22 teams in the region at the sixth annual Expedition K2M STEM Competition held on the campus of Foxcroft School over the weekend. Powhatan sent three teams to compete against 13… Continue Reading →

Bridges and the Brain

Listen in to the podcast above as our third grade team, Mrs. Gilpin and Mrs. Slavin, provide insight and takeaways from their experience at the Learning & the Brain Conference…

21st Century Skills: Collaboration

At Powhatan, we talk a lot about 21st Century Skills – skills that will help students find success in a world of ever-changing technology and volumes of information. Critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration are widely accepted as fundamental skills for… Continue Reading →

Grit & Growth Mindset: One simple word you need to change your mindset

In this podcast, we sit down with Mrs. Robb to discuss Grit and Growth Mindset, topics she presented to the faculty on professional day this year. She gives further examples of how she deploys these strategies in her classroom…

3 traits reading instills in your child

We caught up with Mrs. Jaffe, a sixth grade English teacher, to talk about the importance and benefits of reading. She recently came across two articles that resonated with her because they discussed the importance of instilling empathy through literature…

It’s not until you are immersed in Bay life that you make a personal connection to what you are learning.

At the conclusion of their study of watersheds every fall, eighth graders go on a three day overnight trip to the Chesapeake Bay. “We believe field trips provide incredible experiential learning opportunities that cannot be duplicated in the classroom,” says… Continue Reading →

Professional Development Day 2016

Research strongly supports that high-quality teaching is vital for student success. “A key component to high-quality teaching is Professional Development (PD) for educators,” says Mrs. Scarborough, head of school. “That is why taking a day, like we did yesterday, to… Continue Reading →

Cross-Curricular Fun: Royston’s Regatta

For the past few weeks fifth graders learned about Mesopotamian systems of trade and travel. Most ancient cultures were dependent on water, which became the most efficient method of travel. For Sumerians, they began using their natural resources to construct… Continue Reading →

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