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Nature Enhanced Approach to Learning (NEAL)

“We had a few amazing days in February that were perfect for getting out to explore the Crocker Conservancy,” said Mrs. Coutts, Lower School Science Teacher. “When it hit 78 degrees on February 21st, fourth grade went out onto the… Continue Reading →

Using technology to tell “The True Story of Balto”

Each year, the second grade classes read “The True Story of Balto” and then research about Balto and his dog sled team, the towns in Alaska, the people involved, and the diphtheria outbreak…

Exploring the Five C’s

The winter months are the time of year for visits to campus by families interested in sending their children to Powhatan. This past week we welcomed 30 families to campus during our annual Pre-K and Kindergarten Assessment Days. During those… Continue Reading →

Author Study: Yes, public speaking starts in Kindergarten

Pick up any five business magazines at the airport and look for an article touting the “Top 10 skills leaders need in the 21st Century.” Better yet, just google the title and you’ll find thousands of articles. Click on one…. Continue Reading →

What was your favorite blog post from 2017?

We asked a few of our teachers to share their favorite posts and tell us why they selected each. Click on the title of each post…

Hour of Code Week

We were thrilled to launch Powhatan’s computer science curriculum through participating in the global Hour of Code event last week!

Coding, Critical Thinking, Cross-Curricular & Communication Combined

We caught up with Mrs. Garrity, the Lower School Art Teacher and the Director of the Makerspace, during the Hour of Code Week to learn about some of the cross-curricular activities happening in the Makerspace this week: “Product design is… Continue Reading →

Service in the Community

Earlier this month, the fifth grade students invited the school to donate canned goods and thanked each contributor with a baked good. Students stock piled the canned goods in their classroom in preparation for their annual field trip to stock… Continue Reading →

Unlocking the Escape Room Challenge

The fifth grade Escape Room involved a heavy dose of critical thinking as students were tasked to solve a series of puzzles, complex math problems and riddles using clues and codes to complete an objective. In this case, after fifth… Continue Reading →

Why Shakespeare?

The performance of and preparation for a production, like Macbeth, is a terrific example of fostering 21st Century Skills…

Innovative Teaching: Makerspace Math

The Makerspace is the perfect setting for innovative teaching. Sixth graders are learning about precision measurement in math class. Mr. Holloway wanted a hand-ons project to challenge their critical thinking skills, so he took them over to the Makerspace last… Continue Reading →

Royston’s Regatta and Cross-Curricular Learning

For the past few weeks fifth graders learned about Mesopotamian systems of trade and travel. Most ancient cultures were dependent on water, which became the most efficient method of travel. For Sumerians, they began using their natural resources to construct… Continue Reading →

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