An investment in teacher professional development has a massive impact for students in the classroom. New teaching techniques that are substantially different from practices that are in place today, move us forward as a school and impact your children directly. Powhatan provides a significant amount of resources to promote teacher growth and professional development. A recent example of this is our third grade team’s visit to Boston and the 45th Annual Learning & the Brain Conference.

Engaged, Empowered Minds:
Using Brain Science to Educate Ethical 21st Century Citizens & Problem Solvers

Listen in to the podcast above as our third grade team, Mrs. Gilpin and Mrs. Slavin, provide insight and takeaways from their experience at the Learning & the Brain Conference.

Both teachers touch on topics explored at the conference, including:

  • Empathy
  • Innovation
  • Choice
  • Solutionaries
  • Problem Solving
  • Motivation & Mindsets
  • Kindness
  • Community Service
  • Cross-Curicullar & Project-Based Learning
  • Communication Skills

They also speak about an interesting bridge building project that is coming to fruition in the MakerSpace this week and an ongoing recycling project in third grade that incorporates these topics.