We caught up with Mrs. Garrity, the Lower School Art Teacher and the Director of the Makerspace, during the Hour of Code Week to learn about some of the cross-curricular activities happening in the Makerspace this week:

“Product design is an industry that draws on soft skills like problem solving, perseverance, attention to detail, and awareness of the needs of the end user,” said Mr. Garrity. “With our school moto, we learn not for but for life, I am always looking to expose students to practical uses of the skills we are learning in school. Here, music, coding, and art curricula intersect to make real world concept come to life.”

“We wanted to do this project in the Makerspace because of the connection between science, technology, engineering, art, and math,” continued Mrs. Garrity. “The Makerspace is an exciting place for students. Their eyes light up when they enter, and the possibilities seem endless.”

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Here, for example, the third and fourth graders made emoji game controllers. They considered the needs and desires of their potential consumers as well as the elements and principles of art and design. They incorporated clean finishes and careful attachments to make their product stand out on the shelf. Using a product called the Makey Makey and an understanding of circuitry, students connected their controllers to their computer. In technology class, students have learned about writing code to tell a computer what to do. For this project, they wrote code for a video game and controlled it with the game controller that they had created.