Did you know that our school blog received 13,285 page views during the calendar year of 2017? We hope you’ve enjoyed watching your children in the classroom or learning about different aspects of our school through this blog. We took a little time over the Winter Break to look back at some of our favorite classroom experiences, and wanted to share our thoughts with you. We asked a few of our teachers to share their favorite posts and tell us why they selected each. Click on the title of each post to link over and read more:

What was your favorite blog post from 2017?


Unlocking the Escape Room Challenge
Mrs. Warren
“I love how teachers continue to come up with new ways to reinforce the pillars of our mission and encourage positive behavior choices. The Fifth Grade Escape Room was an incredibly creative and fun way to reward students for the points they have earned toward goals that they created and also incorporated learning from the Social Studies and Math curriculum. Teacher are willing to think outside the box to come up with meaningful experiences for their students.”

Is that a pottery studio in the middle of campus?
Ms. Davis
“To have a guest artist come in each year, is a gift. this makes It is always wonderful to watch our kids interact with those who have made a career in their craft and this year’s pottery experience was fun for all to experience, from the youngest child to the oldest. This makes Powhatan a special place.”

October Letter: Play Lab
Mrs. Scheulen
“I have observed the Play Lab process in the PreK classroom and was amazed! The play is structured to apoint, but still open enough to promote creativity and imaginative play. I really enjoyed watching the teachers, Mrs. Ludwig and Mrs. Dickson, help the students verbalize their thoughts and feelings. It is so important for children to learn how to appropriately express their wants, needs, and ideas to their peers.”

Coding, Critical Thinking, Cross-Curricular & Communication Combined
Carina Naghib
Social Studies
“My son came home so excited to tell me about his experience with the hour of code. He loved making the emoji game controller, and jumped right on our home computer to demonstrate how to write code to make a video game. My husband and I were blown away, its like he learned another language! I am so pleased that he is being introduced to these skills at a young age!”

Unlocking the Escape Room Challenge
Mr. Holloway
“Unlocking the escape room challenge – a great way to integrate ancient history into real life! This is a wonderful mix of history, logic (mathematical thinking) decision making as well as the pillars of the school. Students are required to think, communicate, and plan so they can survive!”

Teachers, Mentors and a Musical
Mrs. Robb
“Ms. Davis invited me to observe Ms. Hall’s master class with the seventh graders as they rehearsed for Guys and Dolls. Ms. Hall’s confident, encouraging, and inspiring tone was infectious, and the students’ delivery improved as a result. I loved that the students witnessed the close bond between Ms. Davis and her mentor Ms. Hall and that learning for life is a continuous process.”

Kindergarten & First Grade LOVE Blandy Farm!
Kathleen Hobbs
“I love the way the way Powhatan’s youngest students are using our local resources to ‘experience’ science. At Powhatan, we know how important it is for kids to learn science outside in natural spaces, and the nearby Blandy Farm is a perfect place for this!”

Exploring Native & Invasive Plants
Mrs. Scarborough
Head of School
“This highlights the tremendous resource the Crocker Conservancy is for our students and teachers. Using technology, math skills and the outdoors, students get a multi-disciplinary experience while teaching them the importance of being good stewards of the ecosystems of our earth. And it is all happening right outside on our campus and in our science labs – no field trip needed!”