Powhatan had a great global Hour of Code event last week. We had tons of cool projects going on at every grade level to complement Powhatan’s computer science curriculum. Learn more in the video below:

 Hour of Code: Fun Facts

– Powhatan students coded for a combined total of 370 hours last week
– Every student coded for at least one hour — PreK = 1 hour, K = 1.3 hours, 1st-8th = 1.5+ hours
– We had 28 parent volunteers and many came back to help more than once
– Students coded in the following programming languages — color coding patterns, Block, Javascript, and Python


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Grade Level Activities

Activities differed by age, so here’s a peek into the week by grade level:

Pre-K – Third Grade

PreK through third grade spent the week prior to the Hour of Code with Mrs. Rodway in their art classes painting pop art designs based off of the artist Keith Haring. They painted a white lined design on top of a colored piece of paper to give a base for the Ozobot to drive on. When they came to the Library, the students drew a solid black line with a marker in the middle of their white track and tested the lines with the Ozobots. They needed to problem solve when the Ozobot got stuck on a blob of paint or a line wasn’t thick enough for the Ozobot to read, and then fix what wasn’t working. After their lines were completed, they added color coding onto the lines in order to give the Ozobot directions to perform spins, turbo speed boosts, or zig zags. The art component of drawing with the Ozobots was an introduction to the thought process of programming, and is something the students will continue to build upon. The Ozobots also allow students to code with the Blockly programming language on an iPad or Chromebook to make the Ozobot travel in specific ways or keep track of points during a game.

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade students went into the Makerspace with Mr. Fleming to construct and program their very own Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver. They used the Micro:bit online block coding program and a template cut out for their screwdriver. Students had to program their Micro:bit to play certain tones whenever it was held at specific angles, tilted in certain ways, or a button was pressed. They attached alligator clips and speakers to their Micro:bit, placed it in their screwdriver, and their Sonic Screwdrivers were ready to be tested!

Fifth Grade – Eighth Grade

Fifth grade through eighth grade also spent the week in the Makerspace learning about the Micro:bits and what the programming possibilities are with them. The Micro:bit is a tiny, programmable micro-computer that can be used for all sorts of creations, from robots to musical instruments — the possibilities are endless! They can be coded in either the Blocks, Javascript, or Python programming languages, and don’t require a software to be downloaded. The Upper School students spent time programming their Micro:bits to send messages to one another, hack into headphones with a light sensored beat box, play games against each other, build a compass or a digital watch, and more.

Big & Little Buddies

Mrs. Miller specifically built in a buddy opportunity within the scope of the program. Learn more about the collaboration between Sixth Grade, Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten in the video below:

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