Here at Powhatan we believe education should inspire passion, curiosity, and creativity.

We believe learning should be active, authentic, immersive, and purposeful. We do this through interdisciplinary thinking, technical acuity, collaboration, and inquiry-based learning.

In order to continue to challenge and engage our students we believe that professional development is an important part of our school culture. By equipping teachers with the tools and 21st Century Skills to continue to innovate projects and units in our curriculum, we help enable our students to succeed in all facets of a Powhatan education.

A great example was the Upper School division meeting last week. We specifically set aside time for Mrs. Miller, our technology teacher, to introduce some of the innovative ideas we’ve been exploring lately with Virtual Reality both in math and in science. We broke out the VR Goggles and Mrs. Miller walked us all through a Virtual Reality exercise from Mrs. Hobb’s seventh grade science class where students had to plan, design and create colonies on Mars using Co-Spaces. Using student examples, Mrs. Miller was able to walk faculty through the various obstacles and successes that the students experienced.  The students reported that these projects were creative, collaborative, and challenging.

Mrs. Miller wrapped up her presentation with the faculty by facilitating discussions on ways this can be adapted and deployed in various content areas, not just science and math.

Instilling a lifelong love of learning in our students is core to our mission. Professional development allows teachers to grow and enhance the classroom experience while living our school motto.

We learn not for school, but for life.

Faculty are indeed lead learners.

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Get a glimpse of both classrooms projects in the videos below!


Science: Mars Colonies  (Virtual Reality)


Pre-Algebra: Graphing   (Virtual Reality)