“We’re studying graphing in Pre-Algebra,” says Ms. Walzak, an Upper School math teacher. “I wanted to take a pretty dry topic and make it more engaging and challenging for the kids. So I teamed up with our technology specialist, Mrs. Miller to create a fun project using virtual reality.”

Project Overview:
Students must work in pairs or groups of three to graph the given data set using three of the following graph types: frequency table with histogram, line plot, stem-and- leaf plot, and/or box-and- whisker plot. Students may choose any of the three listed graph types, as long as they choose and create three graphs in total. Students must complete the graphs by hand on paper first! Then, after approval, they may move on to graphing their data in virtual
reality (co-spaces).

“As the students collaborated on their projects, it was cool for me to see things in real-time, moving around in their personal VR environment,” continued Ms. Walzak. “When I look back and think about what this unit looked like last year, it was very traditional pen-and-paper. This is so much different. I wanted to make it challenging – to have them extend and stretch out of their comfort zones. It was neat to get the feedback from the students because I heard collaboration, creativity, and fun repeated throughout their reflections over and over again.”

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