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Head of School Message

May Letter: Dreams for Innovation – The Power of Vision

My letter to you this month about innovation will take a slightly different direction. Rather than share an observed innovative project or teaching strategy, I am going to share a teacher’s innovative vision and the impact it can make on students of today and those of tomorrow.

January Letter: Powhatan History Day Project

The theme of this year’s competition is “Conflict and Compromise in History”. The over-arching goal of this project is to “provide for students to push past the antiquated view of history as mere facts and dates and drill down into historical content to develop perspective and…

December Letter: The Intersection of Tradition and Innovation

Dear Parents, Tomorrow is one of my favorite traditions at Powhatan, our annual Carol Sing. Traditions represent a critical piece of Powhatan’s school culture. Traditions and rituals help cement our school’s identity while signaling our school values. Additionally, they are… Continue Reading →

November Letter: Computer Science

During the weeks I visited Nicole’s classes, it was all about coding. At the younger grades, students were learning the basics of coding through card play with squares and arrows and Scratch, an on-line coding curriculum. As I moved up the grades, I saw students who were already creating…

October Letter: Play Lab

The Play Lab represents interdisciplinary, authentic, and self-directed learning for children at this age. Learn more in this podcast!

September Letter: Innovation is in the Air

To that end, my Head’s letters and podcasts this year will focus on the innovative teaching that I see as I cross our campus and visit classrooms.  Each letter will focus on a teacher or a strategy…

Welcome Back!

Dear Powhatan Families, The hustle and bustle of the preparations for the new school year have certainly kept us all very busy over the last few weeks! Delivering boxes, putting the final touches on bulletin boards, cleaning buses, and remembering… Continue Reading →

February Letter: The Five C’s

Dear Powhatan Parents, The winter months are the time of year for visits to campus by prospective families interested in sending their children to Powhatan. I spend a good part of my time sharing with them what drew me to… Continue Reading →

December Letter: ‘Twas the week before Winter Break

I hope you will indulge my “poetic spirit” as I wrote these words after one of my many “walk-arounds” on our vibrant campus. We are a joyful community and each student, faculty, staff and parent help to express this joy in all we do…

November Letter: The courts and playing fields are their classrooms

Our coaches, who interact each day with the students, have an enthusiasm for learning which is contagious. The positive way they encourage each student brings out their personal best and resilience…

October Letter: History & Tradition

I had the privilege of spending some time with alumni from The Blue Ridge Country Day School, which was the founding school and beginnings of Powhatan. The humorous and lively exchanges about their memories of the little red schoolhouse…

September Letter: Explore the MakerSpace

Powhatan is opening a new MakerSpace this year. It will be a place where students can tinker, explore ideas, design creations, take a risk and learn from mistakes. It can be used by all ages and will embrace all subject areas. It will be a place where faculty and students alike can take a risk, nurture a passion, build and expand upon a unit or concept and freely open minds to new possibilities.

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