Dear Parents,

Despite a frenetic and busy summer, once again school opened seamlessly with enthusiasm and joy. Our traditions, time-tested robust curriculum, mission and pillars provide the strong foundation and grounding which are essential to guide us through the days and weeks ahead. Comfortable yet steadfast, they start us moving forward on the path toward a new year.MakerEd

With our traditions as a starting point, we all realize that our world will change faster in the next ten years than it has changed in the last ten years. There is no security upon which to lean except to trust in our strong foundation and show our agility and ability to change and be innovative. It is a lot like white water rafting – being a skilled paddler and knowing your destination is not enough. Sometimes you have to be willing to try a new course.

image2Powhatan is opening a new MakerSpace this year. It will be a place where students can tinker, explore ideas, design creations, take a risk and learn from mistakes. It can be used by all ages and will embrace all subject areas. It will be a place where faculty and students alike can take a risk, nurture a passion, build and expand upon a unit or concept and freely open minds to new possibilities. Most important, it will be a place for many opportunities to try a new course and ignite excitement for learning.

Harry Holloway, US math teacher and Department Head, will be our MakerSpace Coordinator. He and I sat down to talk about what the next steps for our MakerSpace will be and how he is setting it up so that students and faculty will be inspired to use the space. I hope you will listen to our Podcast above to learn about our new classroom.

Here’s to another year full of opportunities and possibilities!


Sue Scarborough
Head of School