Dear Powhatan Parents,

The year has begun with joy and purpose as our students entered the doors of their classrooms this year.  We have embraced our new students and teachers by immersing them in the strong traditions, vibrant curriculum and time tested ethics of a Powhatan education and in turn, we know they will enrich our community with their new ideas and fresh perspectives.  

If you were able to attend Parents Night, you heard me speak about our benchmark of reaching 70 years as a formidable institution in our area.  To achieve this successful longevity is not just luck – there are components which have gotten us to this point and will continue to fuel our success. I outlined those characteristics as follows:

  1. Vision – by Faculty, Board Members, and Community Friends
  2. Thoughtful Planning – not just thinking for the “now” but also thinking for “tomorrow” and what steps will be needed to get there
  3. Belief in a mission – a common purpose that the whole community can embrace and see value in
  4. Resources – the means to realize and achieve our dreams
  5. An Innovative Program – One that captures Best Practices yet inspires development of new ideas.  At Powhatan – program = teachers and inspiring teaching

I believe that innovation has been the catalyst for Powhatan’s success up until this time and will continue to be our beacon for success during the next 70 years. The Board of Trustees have already begun to think about what innovation will look like in the future, as they continue their work on our Strategic Plan.  The Senior Administration and I have also begun this important work by making professional development for teachers a top priority, looking to update our teaching and learning spaces to reflect progressive learning and hiring talented teachers who will bring energy and new ideas to our program. Faculty continue to review curriculum, share current teaching strategies from workshops and conferences and use faculty meetings to improve technology skills and teaching strategies. All this good work will build the platform for Powhatan innovation in the next 70 years.

To that end, my Head’s letters and podcasts this year will focus on the innovative teaching that I see as I cross our campus and visit classrooms.  Each letter will focus on a teacher or a strategy that they are using which has inspired them to reach beyond their comfort level and engage students to do the same.  I think you will be truly inspired to learn about these exciting learning opportunities for your children.  

Innovation is in the air at Powhatan!  It has gotten us to where we are today and will carry us into the next 70 years!  I’m very excited to share all that is happening through this year’s series of Head’s Letters and podcasts about inspiration, creativity and innovation.

My Best,

Sue Scarborough
Head of School