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Where do your students go after they graduate?

It is a question we hear on campus tours from parents who are considering Powhatan for their children;  where do your students go after they graduate? 

Market Day: Entrepreneurship & Economics

Second graders have been participating in a Project Based Learning (PBL) activity that centers around a mini economy called Market Day. Second grade studied the dynamics of an economy and then applied their understanding in the role of an entrepreneur… Continue Reading →

Powhatan or Hogwarts?

The easiest way to start explaining POSTS and RAILS is to think about Harry Potter. In the novels, there are Four Houses of Hogwarts…

Real World Examples: Watersheds & Flooding

The heavy rains across the region have created areas of significant flooding, including the streams that wind through our campus and the wetlands of the Crocker Conservancy. This provided a wonderful real-world example for fifth grade, which has been studying… Continue Reading →

Planting Trees on the Crocker Conservancy

Sixth grade study wildlife at the end of the school year, so Mr. Legge took them out onto the Crocker Conservancy to plant trees. The trees provide food for our wildlife habitat as well as remove some of the invasive… Continue Reading →

Wetlands in a Pan

The heavy rains across the region have created areas of flooding, including on the wetlands of the Crocker Conservancy (on our campus). Kindergarteners explored the wetlands two weeks ago and learned about the way the wetlands act as natural sponges… Continue Reading →

Earth Week Fun: Pre-K Beekeepers

Pre-Kindergarteners have been conducting bee investigations in conjunction with Earth Week. The focus of this study is to address both natural curiosities in addition to a few misconceptions that our Pre-Kindergarteners had about bees. Take a minute to explore the… Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Bug Hotel

Last week students explored the Crocker Conservancy to collect natural materials in preparation to create a bug hotel. Yesterday, as a part of Earth Week, Kindergarteners assembled a bug hotel outside of the Kindergarten classrooms. The bug hotel is designed… Continue Reading →

Screen Printing Fun

The entire fourth grade is exploring printmaking in Art Class. “Each student in fourth grade designed their own screen. They had the option to bring in fabric items on which to print. The method that we used was to cut… Continue Reading →

Cross-Curricular Fun: Egyptian Canopic Jars

Fifth grade is currently studying ancient Egypt. Much of the fifth grade art curriculum is cross-curricular in nature, so the students are creating Egyptian canopic jars to complement their unit in social studies: There are many types of cross-curricular projects… Continue Reading →

A Special Thank You!

A special Powhatan Thank You goes to Mr. Scott Steele and his science class at Wilson Memorial High school in Fishersville, Va. We want to thank him and his students for taking the time to put the geology kits together… Continue Reading →

Innovation isn’t just adding new projects

This year faculty have been discussing innovation and what it looks like in their classroom. This was a theme that surfaced again and again at the Learning and the Brain Conference that the third grade team attended last year. “For… Continue Reading →

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