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Kindergarten Field Trip to Blandy Farm

Kindergarten’s field trip to Blandy Farm marks the beginning of their study on biomes. Blandy’s educational staff have a great program about seeds and what seeds need to grow. After spending time in Blandy’s classroom learning about seeds and creating… Continue Reading →

Oobleck Fun: Non-Newtonian Fluid

First graders have been studying the different states of matter in science (liquid, solid, & gas). Last week first graders enjoyed the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck for Dr. Seuss’ birthday. They then headed over to the Lower School Science… Continue Reading →

2019 K2M STEM Summit – Smallpox Smashers

Powhatan School sent a team to compete in the annual K2M STEM Summit at Foxcroft School (Middleburg, VA) over the weekend. Pandemic Teams rotated through stations of stimulating challenges and engaged in an imaginative daylong theme — Pandemic — developed… Continue Reading →

Makerspace & Mountains

Second grade students concluded their social studies unit on geography this week with a special maker space project. After learning about landforms and water formations, students worked in teams to build models representing the shapes and structures of those formations…. Continue Reading →

Bon appétit

The seventh grade French class went on a field trip to a local French restaurant “L’Auberge Provençale” last Thursday. This field trip was the culmination of their study of dining out and food…

Guest Professionals connect what we learn in the classroom with the Real World

Throughout our curriculum at Powhatan, teachers often bring in experts in various fields to spark enthusiasm, inspire students to think beyond the classroom, and show that we truly do learn not for school, but for life. Real World Fifth graders… Continue Reading →

A Controlled Burn: Wildflower Meadow

In early December Powhatan School received a visit from the Virginia Department of Forestry to conduct what is known as a Controlled Burn…

Exploring the Crocker Conservancy: Vole Nests

On Thursday the third grade will dissect owl pellets in the Lower School Science Lab. To prepare for the upcoming lab activity, Ms. Coutts took students out onto the Crocker Conservancy yesterday (Yay – 60 degree weather in January!) to… Continue Reading →

Hour of Code 2018: Thank You!

I want to extend a huge thank you to all of our parent volunteers who took time out of their schedules to come into the Library or Makerspace to help students with their coding projects. The extra sets of hands… Continue Reading →

Hour of Code 2018: Critical Thinking Skills

The Hour of Code week is more than just coding. It is a time for students to get excited about Computer Science and start thinking about how they could potentially use these skills now and in the future. Coding teaches… Continue Reading →

Having Fun = Learning

An article by Valerie Strauss in the Washington Post entitled “Why fun is important in learning” asks a simple, yet thoughtful question; “Why do we assume that learning only occurs when kids are serious and quiet?” It’s a question that… Continue Reading →

Shakespeare Week: Et tu, Brute?

Shakespeare Week is upon us. Et tu, Brute? The annual Shakespeare production has been a milestone event for eighth graders for four decades. Looked upon at Powhatan School as almost a rite of passage, this year the class will present… Continue Reading →

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