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Cross-Curricular Fun: Egyptian Canopic Jars

Fifth grade is currently studying ancient Egypt. Much of the fifth grade art curriculum is cross-curricular in nature, so the students are creating Egyptian canopic jars to complement their unit in social studies: There are many types of cross-curricular projects… Continue Reading →

Innovation isn’t just adding new projects

This year faculty have been discussing innovation and what it looks like in their classroom. This was a theme that surfaced again and again at the Learning and the Brain Conference that the third grade team attended last year. “For… Continue Reading →

Cross-Curricular Learning: Everybody Loves a Dragon Parade

The Chinese Unit of Study in first grade culminates on Chinese New Year with a dragon parade and Chinese feast, where children sample cuisine. This cross-curricular study allows children to read fiction and non-fiction stories through shared reading and Guided… Continue Reading →

Immigration Feast

Third grade has been studying immigration as part of our social studies unit this trimester. We focus on past and present immigration ideas and begin by traveling back in time to where millions of immigrants, some of them our ancestors,… Continue Reading →

An Eighth Grade Tradition: Chapel Talks

One of the long-standing traditions at Powhatan is the eighth grade Chapel Talk. Each eighth grader gets up in front of the school community and delivers an 8-10 minute presentation about a topic he or she is not only knowledgeable… Continue Reading →

Cross-curricular projects provide authentic learning experiences

As second graders are learning about the traditional lifestyles of Native Americans, they are creating a hands-on project representing each of the four regions that we study. For the plains region, our students created coded beadwork bookmarks. First, students learned… Continue Reading →

Hibernation: The Blubber Lab

First graders have been exploring how animals survive during the cold winter months. In this lab, students learned about how animals adapt if they do not migrate or hibernate. Student’s focused their research on two areas of adaptation; blubber and down… Continue Reading →

Thank You!

We want to extend a huge thank you to all of our parent volunteers who took time to come into the craziness of the Makerspace this past week. With all grade levels involved, there was no way we could pull… Continue Reading →

Cross-Curricular: Tessellations

Students designed and created their own tessellations as a part of their Pre-Algebra class. The project, a cross-curricular endeavor that combines both art and math, required students to be creative and come up with their own unique artwork. They designed… Continue Reading →

Looking back at 35 years of Shakespeare at Powhatan

Shakespeare Week is upon us, and who better to talk with us than the man who directed 35 plays. Mr. Bell has been visiting campus twice a week for the past two months as he begins to pen the history… Continue Reading →

Shakespeare Week: Cross-Curricular Learning

Performing a Shakespeare play for the school community is a Powhatan tradition that lends itself to cross-curricular learning. In the early weeks of the school year, while the actors became familiar with their Macbeth roles and lines during drama class,… Continue Reading →

Two Recent Faculty Presentations

Two Powhatan School faculty members recently made presentations at statewide conferences. On Monday, Mrs. Robb presented at the annual VAIS conference. She shared the question-fueled, exploratory process of “chapel talk” at Powhatan within the context of eighth grade capstone projects… Continue Reading →

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