A special Powhatan Thank You goes to Mr. Scott Steele and his science class at Wilson Memorial High school in Fishersville, Va. We want to thank him and his students for taking the time to put the geology kits together for us!

We have been studying geology in second grade for a while now. The kids have learned about classification of rocks, the rock cycle, the mineral composition of rocks, and the way weathering of rocks creates soil. We have had quite a few avid rock collectors bring in their treasures, Tim’s Gems came and gave the students the opportunity to sift through sand for colorful minerals and fossils, and we were gone all day yesterday exploring caverns and fossil-hunting. The kits that Mr. Steele and his students assembled were a great way for us to review the three types of rocks and do some careful observations of minerals. Placing them on a huge map of Virginia challenged students to think critically about both geology and geography. Mr. Steele, you rock!

~Mrs. Coutts, Lower School Science Teacher