Thanks to the support of so many, our Book Fair last week was a great success! We are so grateful to those who purchased books, volunteered their time setting up, helping our students with orders, and tearing down the Book Fair. It takes many dedicated volunteers to make an event like this go so well. A heartfelt thanks to the following who lent a hand: Niki Kofsky, Denise Gober, Whitney Werner, Amy Sluss, Gina Byrd, Holly Farland, Kathrina Watson , Priya Patel, Cinnamon Engle, Christine Onderko, Rebekah Lewis, Angela Larkin, Meenu Gopal, Michelle Timberlake, Lisa Dilger, Heather Gibson, Steffany Plotts, Angie Crawford, Azusa Stephens, Katie Terzian, Olivia Landry, Michael and Becky Kingsberry, Michelle Kotkin, Cheryl Reynolds, and Megan Stickel.

A special thanks to Melody Schwartzman and Trice Cesnik for their great leadership and management of this important fundraiser and to our wonderful librarian, Mrs. Foltz.