Fifth grade is currently studying ancient Egypt. Much of the fifth grade art curriculum is cross-curricular in nature, so the students are creating Egyptian canopic jars to complement their unit in social studies:

There are many types of cross-curricular projects built into the Powhatan experience. Those projects enhance Deep Learning, which implies that students will follow a particular route of inquiry from top to bottom, rather than simply lightly sampling all the possible routes. We are committed to providing this type of robust learning environment throughout the school, and you see examples at all grade levels, including integration with Specials, such as Music, Art, World Language and even Sports.

A terrific example of interdisciplinary teaching is the fifth grade art curriculum. Projects are designed around the various units of study in social studies. The teachers collaborate to create projects that complement the curriculum and provide a great way for students to connect with the material. Projects like the Egyptian canopic jars or the Royston Regatta get students excited about social studies through the lens of art class!

Methods of teaching like this require copious amounts of teacher collaboration, but also rich student interaction. Deep Learning requires enthusiastic students in order to thrive, so cross-curricular projects engage the students at a more meaningful level. This interdisciplinary approach is best reflected by teamwork and strong student outcomes. The end result is mastery of the material, instead of just merely completing the assignment.