Pre-Kindergarteners have been conducting bee investigations in conjunction with Earth Week. The focus of this study is to address both natural curiosities in addition to a few misconceptions that our Pre-Kindergarteners had about bees. Take a minute to explore the activity in the video below:

“Mrs. Foltz, second grade teacher and bee enthusiast at Powhatan, visited our classroom last week,” says Mrs. Ludwig, Pre-K teacher. “Mrs. Foltz brought with her a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experiences that included observing bee specimens and honeycombs, exploring beekeeper tools and clothing, and learning about that bees are helpful versus harmful to us on Earth.”

Earth Week 2018 (Pre-K)

It has been a busy Earth Week in Pre-K! Pre-K activities revolved around Oliver Jeffries new book, Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth. Their goal was to think about what they can do to help. Even though they already recycle lunch items daily, there is still some confusion as to what is permissible to recycle. They came up with the following activities:

+Sort different materials that can be recycled everyday

+Construct a “Classroom Landfill” that will be revisited again after it sits for 30 days

+Participate in an “Earth Day Scavenger Hunt” with 5th grade buddies

+Learn from a guest speaker about how bees are helpful versus harmful to us and our planet

+Make Recycled Robots