This sixth grade math project is not your usual geometry class activity…

Mr. Holloway takes his sixth grade math class into the MakerSpace to; “connect mathematics and the real world in a practical sense.”


One thing that makes the MakerSpace so unique is that it is designed with all grades in mind. Materials and tools are stashed away to provide for innovative and creative activities for students of all ages. So what does it look like for kindergarten or even sixth grade? Scroll below and get a sense of the learning opportunities for everyone!

Third Grade MakerSpace:

Kindergarten MakerSpace:

Upper School: (After School Program)

MakerSpace Maddness:

The MakerSpace opened earlier this year. It is a place where students can tinker, explore ideas, design creations, take a risk and learn from mistakes. It can be used by all ages and will embrace all subject areas. It will be a place where faculty and students alike can take a risk, nurture a passion, build and expand upon a unit or concept and freely open minds to new possibilities. Most important, it will be a place for many opportunities to try a new course and ignite excitement for learning.

Listen to this podcast about the MakerSpace:  PODCAST: MakerSpace

Harry Holloway, Upper School math teacher and Department Chair, is our MakerSpace Coordinator. Mrs. Scarborough and Mr. Holloway sat down earlier in the year to talk about what the next steps for our MakerSpace will be and how he is setting it up so that students and faculty will be inspired to use the space. We hope you will listen to the podcast in the link above.