You may have noticed the small stone building in the middle of campus was bustling this week. The art department transformed the space into a pottery studio, allowing our visiting artist, Becky Garrity, to spend a week with the children exploring clay:





Visiting Artist Bio:

Becky Garrity
Charlottesville, Virginia

Clay has called Becky back time and again. In the 1970s, she studied sculpture and ceramics at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. In the 1980s, Becky happened into a 2-year pottery apprenticeship in Okinawa, Japan. In the 1990s, after many years as a student of pottery, she finally shifted from her chosen profession of graphic design to potter. She has been making and selling pots, and teaching pottery ever since. Becky shares her love of ceramics by teaching community classes and conference workshops. She is energized by her students, who bring a fresh outlook to this ancient material. Through their eyes, she finds new ways to view her own work. Thereby, Becky is motivated to pick up the clay and start something new each day.

She works with a mid-range stoneware clay. Her pieces are wheel thrown with hand formed attachments: spouts, handles, accents, etc. Becky’s glazes are made from tried and true recipes shared by other potters through the years. Her work is fired in an oxidation environment.

Becky’s designs are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, with the forms reflecting her experience and interest in all things Asian. Lately, she is carving wavelike images, trees, flowers and dancing people on surfaces expanding the tactile and visual interest of each piece! Becky’s line of pottery includes serving bowls, platters, pitchers, teapots, vases, lamps, and much more.