Most of us can remember a teacher or coach who played an important role in shaping our lives. In the Upper School, we often talk about teachers in the role of mentors and advisers to our students. Yet, we don’t necessarily think of our teachers having mentors of their own. Recently, Ms. Davis had a full-circle moment with her own mentor, Ms. Linda Hall, and the opportunity to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to ready the seventh grade for their performance of Guys and Dolls, Jr.

Ms. Hall led a Master Class in early March with the seventh grade students as a part of their final preparations leading toward the production of Guys and Dolls, Jr. Ms. Hall was the choir director at Baltimore City College High School from 1986- 2013. She has traveled extensively throughout US and abroad with her performance group. “The opportunity to have an experienced educator and director on campus is always celebrated,” said Ms. Davis. “But for me it was something even more special, as she was my longtime mentor.”

The class also had the opportunity to follow up the experience with a trip to Shenandoah University to take in the Conservatory’s production of Guys and Dolls. The students were able to connect with actors during a special question and answer period and spend time backstage exploring the inner workings of a collegiate level production. “The visit took place a week before our production, so I though it was important for the students to see the roles they were about to perform,” said Ms. Davis of the trip. “The next morning we took the time to evaluate and reflect on what we learned from watching the college actors. It was amazing to see our kids take what they learned and work to improve their own performance.”

“It was also very special for me because both Ms. Hall and myself graduated from Shenandoah,” continued Ms. Davis. “She is the one that recognized my talent early on and put me on the right path in so many ways. I will forever be grateful for her influence and guidance.”