In August of 2014 we launched the Powhatan Pulse: A School Blog. The purpose was to strengthen our online communication with parents and to highlight a few of the great things happening in our classrooms. Each year we look back over the analytics of the blog to find the ten most popular (most page views) blog posts.

Top-10 Blog Posts 2016-17:

  1. 3 traits reading instills in your child
  2. Vocabulary Word Dress-Up Day
  3. What’s Next?
  4. November Letter: The courts and playing fields are their classrooms
  5. September Letter: Explore the MakerSpace
  6. Where do your students go after they graduate?
  7. February Letter: The Five C’s
  8. Starting the year off on the right foot: Upper School Retreat
  9. December Letter: ‘Twas the week before Winter Break
  10. Leadership roles and a strong affirmation of the K-8 environment


As we looked over the metrics of the site, we ran across a few interesting stats. Here’s the Powhatan Pulse from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 by the numbers:


  • 78 blog posts
  • 12,202 views (10,033 unique views)
  • 9 posts included podcasts
  • 1,299 views of our most popular blog post
  • 11 of the posts were related to the MakerSpace
  • 52 posts included video



This past year, the 9 posts with a podcast saw 2,459 views with an average time on the page that rests at 4:09 per view. Since the start of the blog in 2014, it is interesting to see that 6 of the 10 most viewed posts of all time have a podcast included.


We embed video from our YouTube page in the majority of our blog posts. This year our YouTube page videos received approximately 77,956 views for a total of 123,976 minutes. These include new and previously created videos. During that same time period, we created a total of 59 videos ranging from experiences in pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. Here’s our most popular classroom video from last year: