As Upper School Retreat comes to a close, we reinforce the lessons of teamwork and personal accountability with a simple, yet effective, lesson.

The Knot

The rope is a symbol of how we are all connected together as we go through school and as we go through life. The actions of any individual in a large group can be felt by anyone. The rope is a physical example of this:

Mr. Schiavone, the Upper School Retreat Leader, ties a loose knot in the rope and demonstrates that by working together the group can make the knot so tight that nothing can undo it.

“The knot will become a symbol of how strong we are when we all come together.”

Through the collective efforts of the students and faculty, the knot tightens and tightens until it is impossible to undo by hand. Throughout the exercise, the group explores how one person’s actions might impact the entire group. It is a strong visual to those involved that reinforces the importance of working as a team and the personal responsibility we each have within the group.