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MakerSpace: Engineering Solar-Powered Rovers

Seventh graders have been studying the Rovers that NASA sent to Mars in 2003 and 2011. Student’s then completed an engineering project last week at the end of their unit. They designed and created their own “rovers” and “landers” testing… Continue Reading →

Forced Perspective: Proportions and Illusions

We’ve been studying proportions and this is always a fun exercise and has strong link to using math in the real world. We looked at the use of forced perspective to create illusions in movies like Harry Potter and the Lord… Continue Reading →

Teachers, Mentors and a Musical

Most of us can remember a teacher or coach who played an important role in shaping our lives. In the Upper School, we often talk about teachers in the role of mentors and advisers to our students. Yet, we don’t… Continue Reading →

Field Trips

Powhatan students benefit from the varied and multiple field trips throughout the year, which are intentionally planned by teachers to enrich our curriculum. Two recent examples include an eighth grade social studies field trip to the national Holocaust Museum, and… Continue Reading →

Combining Creativity, Math & Technology

This year in Honors Algebra I, seventh and eighth graders were given the opportunity to complete a math video lesson project with their peers. The purpose of this project was to have students review previous material through a fun activity… Continue Reading →

Magnets & the MakerSpace

Second graders took their study of magnets over to the MakerSpace last week to put their skills to the test! Follow along as second grade teacher, Mrs. Brondstater, walks you through this fun exercise:  

STEM Competition Champions!

A Powhatan School STEM team placed first out of 22 teams in the region at the sixth annual Expedition K2M STEM Competition held on the campus of Foxcroft School over the weekend. Powhatan sent three teams to compete against 13… Continue Reading →

February Letter: The Five C’s

Dear Powhatan Parents, The winter months are the time of year for visits to campus by prospective families interested in sending their children to Powhatan. I spend a good part of my time sharing with them what drew me to… Continue Reading →

Bridges and the Brain

Listen in to the podcast above as our third grade team, Mrs. Gilpin and Mrs. Slavin, provide insight and takeaways from their experience at the Learning & the Brain Conference…

Cross-Curricular Learning: What happens when art and science collide in the MakerSpace?

The MakerSpace provides opportunities for terrific cross-curricular projects. Follow along in the video above as the fifth grade designs and engineers bridges in a collaborative project that blends art with science. The project was inspired by a professional brainstorming session… Continue Reading →

Real World Experiences: French Class

The seventh grade French class recently went to Crepeworx in Winchester. “This trip was a culmination of our study of food and dining out,” commented Mr. Fleming, the French teacher. “It is very important to use the language in an… Continue Reading →

MakerSpace Madness: Innovation at all Ages

  This sixth grade math project is not your usual geometry class activity… Mr. Holloway takes his sixth grade math class into the MakerSpace to; “connect mathematics and the real world in a practical sense.”   One thing that makes… Continue Reading →

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