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Professional Development Day

Dr. Hessberg, the Upper School Director, discusses professional development opportunities for faculty across grade levels: Recently we completed a professional day with teachers 16 different workshops that encourage collaboration and inquiry that allowed time for teachers to get hands-on experience… Continue Reading →

What’s happening in Art?

We caught up with the Art Department to find out what projects students are working on. Take a few minutes to hear from Mrs. Garrity, the Lower School Art Teacher, and Mr. Royston, the Upper School Art Teacher, as they… Continue Reading →

What does it takes to survive in the wild?

Powhatan School’s annual sixth grade Survival Trip is one of the many milestones students experience in the Upper School and is often referred to as one of the most memorable field trips at the school. The trip is a cross-curricular… Continue Reading →

Community Partners: Conservation Day

The Piedmont Environmental Council and Powhatan School teamed up to host the annual Conservation Day for all fourth graders in Clarke County on Thursday, September 28th. More than 160 fourth graders from D.G. Cooley, Boyce Elementary, and Powhatan School attended… Continue Reading →

September Letter: Innovation is in the Air

To that end, my Head’s letters and podcasts this year will focus on the innovative teaching that I see as I cross our campus and visit classrooms.  Each letter will focus on a teacher or a strategy…

The Columbian Exchange

This afternoon the seventh grade wrapped up their study of the Columbian Exchange in social studies with a festive lunch consisting of food choices inspired by the transfer of plants and animals related to Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the New… Continue Reading →

Design Challenge: Iggy Peck, Architect

A little background knowledge from the story: Iggy Peck began building at the early age of two, when he built a tower from dirty diapers! As he grows, Iggy continues to build things like the St. Louis Arch out of pancakes and a castle made entirely out of chalk. When he gets…

Kindergarten & First Grade LOVE Blandy Farm!

We love field trips! Kindergarten and First Grade took a field trip to Blandy Experimental Farm yesterday. Blandy is a 700-acre University of Virginia research facility located in Clarke County and is the home of the State Arboretum of Virginia…. Continue Reading →

Physics: Acceleration & Motion

The eighth grade has been studying motion in science class. This week students worked on a project that incorporated science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as they explored the subject of motion. Small groups of students built small carts out of… Continue Reading →

Setting the tone for the year

One of the oldest and most enduring traditions at Powhatan is the Upper School Retreat. A wonderful event that encourages teamwork and collaboration through two days worth of fun and sometimes challenging events, it is an experience that bonds classmates… Continue Reading →

What do we learn from The Knot?

As Upper School Retreat comes to a close, we reinforce the lessons of teamwork and personal accountability with a simple, yet effective, lesson…

Congratulations to the 2017-18 POST/RAIL Captains

Congratulations to the 2017-18 POST/RAIL Captains! POST/RAIL Captains are selected each year during Upper School Retreat. Applicants are required to make a presentation in front of all Upper School students as selections are made. Rail students in Upper School then… Continue Reading →

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