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Cross-curricular projects provide authentic learning experiences

As second graders are learning about the traditional lifestyles of Native Americans, they are creating a hands-on project representing each of the four regions that we study. For the plains region, our students created coded beadwork bookmarks. First, students learned… Continue Reading →

Hibernation: The Blubber Lab

First graders have been exploring how animals survive during the cold winter months. In this lab, students learned about how animals adapt if they do not migrate or hibernate. Student’s focused their research on two areas of adaptation; blubber and down… Continue Reading →

Hour of Code Week

We were thrilled to launch Powhatan’s computer science curriculum through participating in the global Hour of Code event last week!

Thank You!

We want to extend a huge thank you to all of our parent volunteers who took time to come into the craziness of the Makerspace this past week. With all grade levels involved, there was no way we could pull… Continue Reading →

Coding, Critical Thinking, Cross-Curricular & Communication Combined

We caught up with Mrs. Garrity, the Lower School Art Teacher and the Director of the Makerspace, during the Hour of Code Week to learn about some of the cross-curricular activities happening in the Makerspace this week: “Product design is… Continue Reading →

Service in the Community

Earlier this month, the fifth grade students invited the school to donate canned goods and thanked each contributor with a baked good. Students stock piled the canned goods in their classroom in preparation for their annual field trip to stock… Continue Reading →

November Letter: Computer Science

During the weeks I visited Nicole’s classes, it was all about coding. At the younger grades, students were learning the basics of coding through card play with squares and arrows and Scratch, an on-line coding curriculum. As I moved up the grades, I saw students who were already creating…

Unlocking the Escape Room Challenge

The fifth grade Escape Room involved a heavy dose of critical thinking as students were tasked to solve a series of puzzles, complex math problems and riddles using clues and codes to complete an objective. In this case, after fifth… Continue Reading →

Cross-Curricular: Tessellations

Students designed and created their own tessellations as a part of their Pre-Algebra class. The project, a cross-curricular endeavor that combines both art and math, required students to be creative and come up with their own unique artwork. They designed… Continue Reading →

Why Shakespeare?

The performance of and preparation for a production, like Macbeth, is a terrific example of fostering 21st Century Skills…

Looking back at 35 years of Shakespeare at Powhatan

Shakespeare Week is upon us, and who better to talk with us than the man who directed 35 plays. Mr. Bell has been visiting campus twice a week for the past two months as he begins to pen the history… Continue Reading →

Shakespeare Week: Cross-Curricular Learning

Performing a Shakespeare play for the school community is a Powhatan tradition that lends itself to cross-curricular learning. In the early weeks of the school year, while the actors became familiar with their Macbeth roles and lines during drama class,… Continue Reading →

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