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Looking back at 35 years of Shakespeare at Powhatan

Shakespeare Week is upon us, and who better to talk with us than the man who directed 35 plays. Mr. Bell has been visiting campus twice a week for the past two months as he begins to pen the history… Continue Reading →

Shakespeare Week: Cross-Curricular Learning

Performing a Shakespeare play for the school community is a Powhatan tradition that lends itself to cross-curricular learning. In the early weeks of the school year, while the actors became familiar with their Macbeth roles and lines during drama class,… Continue Reading →

Two Recent Faculty Presentations

Two Powhatan School faculty members recently made presentations at statewide conferences. On Monday, Mrs. Robb presented at the annual VAIS conference. She shared the question-fueled, exploratory process of “chapel talk” at Powhatan within the context of eighth grade capstone projects… Continue Reading →

Innovative Teaching: Makerspace Math

The Makerspace is the perfect setting for innovative teaching. Sixth graders are learning about precision measurement in math class. Mr. Holloway wanted a hand-ons project to challenge their critical thinking skills, so he took them over to the Makerspace last… Continue Reading →

Exploring Native & Invasive Plants

Fourth graders recently worked with Mr. Clay Morris, a biologist, to explore the plant life on the Crocker Conservancy through plot sampling. Students identified the types of plants that were growing in a square meter plot of the native wildflower meadow and a… Continue Reading →

October Letter: Play Lab

The Play Lab represents interdisciplinary, authentic, and self-directed learning for children at this age. Learn more in this podcast!

October 31st: Vocabulary Word Dress-Up Day

Today is Vocabulary Word Dress-Up Day at Powhatan! Students in grades 1-8 dress up as their favorite vocabulary word, while kindergarten and Pre-K students dress up along the lines of recent units of study (nursery rhymes and community). Cick on the pictures below… Continue Reading →

Which food provides more energy?

Students explored the idea of running a marathon and two questions that followed. Would it be better to eat marshmallows or cashews before we ran? Which food would give student’s more energy? 

Is that a Pottery Studio in the middle of campus?

You may have noticed the small stone building in the middle of campus was bustling this week. The art department transformed the space into a pottery studio, allowing our visiting artist, Becky Garrity, to spend a week with the children… Continue Reading →

Royston’s Regatta and Cross-Curricular Learning

For the past few weeks fifth graders learned about Mesopotamian systems of trade and travel. Most ancient cultures were dependent on water, which became the most efficient method of travel. For Sumerians, they began using their natural resources to construct… Continue Reading →

Immerse yourself in Bay life

In the classroom students are taught that runoff from the watershed negatively impacts the ecology of the bay. Runoff impacts the growth and population of grasses, crabs, oysters and other bay inhabitants and this in turn impacts the watermen who rely on the bay for their livelihood…

Professional Development Day

Dr. Hessberg, the Upper School Director, discusses professional development opportunities for faculty across grade levels: Recently we completed a professional day with teachers 16 different workshops that encourage collaboration and inquiry that allowed time for teachers to get hands-on experience… Continue Reading →

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