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Screen Printing

The entire Lower School is exploring printmaking in Art Class. Check out the video to see the fourth grade in action: Each student in fourth grade designed their own screen. They had the option to bring in fabric items on… Continue Reading →

Cross-Curricular Fun: Chinese New Year

The Chinese Unit of Study culminates on Chinese New Year with a dragon parade and Chinese feast, where children sample cuisine. This cross-curricular study allows children to read fiction and non-fiction stories through shared reading and Guided Reading, write stories,… Continue Reading →

21st Century Skills: Collaboration

At Powhatan, we talk a lot about 21st Century Skills – skills that will help students find success in a world of ever-changing technology and volumes of information. Critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration are widely accepted as fundamental skills for… Continue Reading →

Science Rocks!

We spend several days in the lab conducting mini-experiments with home-made instruments, stethoscopes, tuning forks, and the ever-popular long gong. Slinkies work well as a tool to model compression waves, and help to explain why sound waves don’t travel through… Continue Reading →

Chapel Talks: A Capstone of the Eighth Grade Year

Chapel talks started this week and will run through March. What are Chapel Talks? Click on the video below and then check out the list of topics at the bottom of this post! Equal parts tradition and milestone, Chapel Talks… Continue Reading →

Clay Fun

Mrs. Garrity, the Lower School art teacher, walks us through a fourth grade art project in this video:  

Holiday Service in the Community

Service is a pillar of the Powhatan mission. Each grade at Powhatan selects a local charitable organization to assist, and many of the classes focus their service efforts during the Holiday Season. School Service Over the years Powhatan students have… Continue Reading →

Learning doesn’t get any more ‘hands-on’ than this!

First graders have been exploring how animals survive during the cold winter months. In this lab, students learned about how animals adapt if they do not migrate or hibernate. Student’s focused their research on two areas of adaptation; blubber and down… Continue Reading →

MakerSpace: Model Planets

Third graders are finishing up their study of the solar system in science class. As a culminating activity, students have spent the last two days in the MakerSpace building models of the planets, asteroid belt and the Sun. The catch… Continue Reading →

Preparing for Carol Sing

In the video below, Ms. Davis, the Upper School music teacher, talks about the preparations for her favorite performance of the year… Carol Sing

Kindergarten + MakerSpace = Fun!

Tag along with Kindergarten as they explore fundamentals of architectural elements in the MakerSpace with Mrs. Garrity!  

Cross-Curricular History Project: Collagraph Printmaking

One of the key signs of a healthy faculty culture is collaboration between disciplines. “I found this cross-curricular project quite fascinating for the students,” says Mrs. Scarborough, Head of School. “But just as important to me is to see the… Continue Reading →

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