Ryan Royston

Art Teacher/Coach

Education: Bachelors of Fine Arts, Shepard University, Associates in Education, LFCC

Years of Teaching Experience: 16

Years Teaching at Powhatan: 6


I grew up on a farm outside of Boyce. My wife and I both are Alums, and now our two boys Gus and Ted proudly attend Powhatan. I have always had a love for the Arts, and while I worked towards my degree in Sculpture I had the pleasure of working under a very talented stone carver for many years. I instantly fell in love with the sense of permanence that stone held.

After getting my degree I worked for The Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, targeting and implementing educational outreach programs for the At-Risk population of Warren Co… After many years working for the state I went to James Wood High School, teaching Graphic Design, B/W Photography, and Fine Arts. All the time the stone was calling, and after several years I started my own business carving and restoring stone. After five years of having the great privilege of commission work and restoring some of the most interesting buildings in our area. I began teaching at Powhatan which brings us to our present date.

Highlights: Being given the gift, of being a Father to two fine young men and marrying an incredible woman, and last but truly important the privilege of working with so many talented and giving people that reside in this small world we live in and call home.


Being a Daddy, Farming, Carving, Gardening, Spending time outdoors canoeing and Camping with my family.

Favorite Quotes

“Your Imagination is the hood ornament on your car of creativity.” - Gary Busey

“To be an Artist is to believe in Life.” - Henry Moore