Thank you for your interest in Powhatan School. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our program and to review our list of current openings. Prospective teachers should have a related degree, classroom experience, and/or relevant experience with elementary or middle school-aged children. (Virginia teacher certification is not required.)

Current Openings:

Substitute Teachers

Powhatan is always interested in hearing from individuals who are interested in serving as on-call substitute teachers. Please review the complete job description. Interested candidates should send a resume to April Burke, Lower School Director, at and/or Evan Robb, Upper School Director, at

We accept employment inquiries year-round and are eager to consider applications from traditionally underrepresented groups. For general inquiries regarding potential teaching openings in the future, please send a resume and letter of interest to April Burke, Lower School Director, at and/or Evan Robb, Upper School Director, at

Powhatan follows the NAIS Principles of Good Practice for hiring to establish a qualified and diverse pool of candidates for each open position, effectively, objectively and equitably assess those candidates, and select the candidate who will best enhance and complement the Powhatan community. Powhatan is committed to responding to all inquiries and providing candidates with timely updates on their status throughout the process. We also aim to foster a two-way interview process that affords candidates opportunities to learn and ask questions about Powhatan and the specific position for which they are applying.

We are able to offer limited feedback to candidates who have not been selected to move forward at any point in our process. That feedback is intended to assist candidates in seeking other positions and not toward immediate reconsideration at Powhatan since our decisions at each step are generally final.

Powhatan School recognizes and appreciates the uniqueness and value of each person. Powhatan does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, national or ethnic origin in admission, employment or the administration of its policies.