Pre-kindergarten through grade eight

Head of School
Carson Roy

255 students
48% Female / 52% Male

Powhatan serves families in Virginia, Maryland and the panhandle of West Virginia. Counties in Virginia include: Clarke County, Fauquier County, Frederick County, Western Loudoun County, Shenandoah County, Warren County, and Winchester City.

Annual Operating Budget
$5 million

56,500 square feet, valued at $7.5 million
Specialized facilities include:

  • The Major Family Science and Innovation Lab: A state-of-the-art Lower School Science Lab for students in grades 1–5.
  • The Bessette Family Makerspace: A space designed for innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, tinkering and collaboration for all grade levels.
  • Wilkins Family Upper School Science and Innovation Labs: New furniture and upgraded equipment for grades 6–8.
  • Technology Lab: An innovative space designed for technology and computer science activities, including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), coding, green-room space, digital resources and plenty of space for study.
  • Busch von Gontard Family Wetlands Boardwalk: A boardwalk facility that stretches 50-yards into the wetlands on the Crocker Conservancy that allows early childhood students access to the wetlands habitat in a safe manner.
  • Anderson Family Outdoor Classroom: The pavillion on the Crocker Conservancy offers shelter and acts as an outdoor classroom.

90 acres, including the 47-acre Crocker Conservancy

Scholarship Aid
Nearly 20% of the student body receives need-based tuition assistance

Student/Teacher Ratio

Class Size
Class sizes in the Lower School range from 11 to 15 students per class with an average class size of 13 students. There are two sections at each grade level.

There are 38 full-time faculty, all of whom hold undergraduate degrees and more than 50% of the faculty hold masters or doctoral degrees in their field of study.

Academic Calendar
The school year is divided into three trimesters of approximately 11 weeks each. A report card is issued at the end of each trimester, and parents are formally updated about their child’s progress at the end of each marking period (approximately every 5½ weeks). The school year is comprised of 178 teaching days.

High School Matriculation
Powhatan School serves families from three states covering eight different public school districts. Our rigorous curriculum prepares students for success at the next level, providing a strong foundation for entering honors, IB and AP programs. Each year roughly 60% of our graduates will go on to attend public high schools in the region, while 40% attend independent schools. Over the past four years, Powhatan School graduates have matriculated to the following schools:

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Powhatan School is fully accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools and holds memberships with the Elementary School Center, the National Association of Independent Schools, the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, the Virginia Math League, the Educational Records Bureau, and the National Science Teachers Association.