Powhatan is governed by an independent, self-perpetuating Board of Trustees which is responsible for determining the mission and strategic vision of the School, establishing overall policy, and assuring financial stability. All trustees serve in a volunteer capacity for three year terms and are led by officers elected annually.


Board of Trustees

Langdon Greenhalgh, President
Niki Kofsky, Vice President
Joanna Schilling, Secretary
Jeff Cesnik, Treasurer
Jay Briar, Head of School, ex officio
Gaurav Agarwal
Clare Dame
Amy Elledge
Jenny Grooms
Lisa Haynie
Olivia Landry
Bryan Laird
James Nashed
Meetul Patel
Elford Stephens
John Willey
Anne Williams ‘95


Board of Associate Trustees

Powhatan is further supported by a Board of Associate Trustees consisting of community members with long-standing ties to Powhatan and including former board members, school leaders, and teachers.

Mrs. Jean Gilpin, President
Mrs. Susan Bailey ‘61
Mr. Dick Bell
Mrs. Ilona Benham
Mrs. Barbara Bessette
Mr. Harry F. Byrd, III
Mrs. Barbara Clagett ‘64
Mrs. Susan Claytor
Mr. Peter Cook
Ms. Frances Crawford ‘59
Ms. Clare Dame ‘67
Mrs. Harriet Ellis
Mr. Richard Farland
Dr. Gerald Gildersleeve
Mr. Thomas Gilpin ‘67
Mrs. Susan Golladay ‘62
Mrs. Celie Harris
Mr. J. Tyler Headley
Mrs. Karen Hillyard
Mrs. Ginny Kalbach
Mr. John G. Lathrop
Mrs. Marjorie Lewis
Mr. Charles McIntosh
Mrs. Sally Megeath
Dr. Stuart Monroe
Mrs. Carolyn Morgoglione
Ms. Terri Morgoglione ‘70
Mrs. Lisa Murphy ‘71
Mr. William Peebles, IV
Mrs. Peggy Mahaney Rhoades ‘54
Mrs. Laura Robb
Mr. Robert Smalley
Mr. Robert Stieg
Mr. Robert Talley ‘82
Mr. Adalbert von Gontard
Mrs. Beatrice von Contard
Dr. John B. Willey
Mrs. Maxine Wiley
Mrs. Cummie York