We learn not for school, but for life…


My day at Powhatan School begins each morning at our flagpole with a handshake and a smile to greet each student. From there, I might engage in a conversation about a book that an eighth grader is reading in preparation for his/her Chapel Talk, partake in a discussion with a math class about the dimensions of a garden and what plants would thrive in it, and observe kindergarten students and first graders joyfully playing in one of our many outdoor areas. As the day goes on, I will hear the laughter of students as they move from class to class, observe a science lesson where students are recording their findings from a science experiment on their laptops and hear the beautiful strains of voices singing as I pass one of our music classrooms. The day ends with the contagious energy of a sports practice or game. I am surrounded by a plethora of learning happening at all levels and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

Powhatan is not just a school; it is a community of learners. Whether in the classrooms or on the playing fields, our tradition continues each year to engage bright, curious students with a challenging curriculum in a bucolic natural setting. Our faculty design classes that meet the developmental and cognitive needs of our students and reflect current best practices. The result is that our students are actively engaged in their own education and are well prepared to move on to their next school and eventually become involved citizens of the world.

Our motto “We Learn Not for School but for Life” is not just a group of words on a wall, but who we truly are. Students at Powhatan learn about nature and the importance of our delicate ecosystem and use technology as a tool for learning to read, write, communicate and analyze data. They experience the arts and science in natural settings which inspire creativity and innovation. And by actually meeting artists, scientists and authors they can visualize themselves in those future roles.

I encourage you to visit our campus so that you can experience the energy, warmth and spirit of our community. As you walk through our classrooms you will understand why those of us who spend our days here have such an affection and passion for this excellent educational institution.

-Mrs. Susan Scarborough, Head of School