We learn not for school but for LIFE.

We learn not for school but for LIFE.

Head of School Search

In the coming weeks, we will share updates on this page, including opportunities for parents, students, and faculty to meet qualified Head of School candidates. Your feedback throughout the process is critical, and we appreciate your partnership as we do this vital work of finding our school’s next leader.

Transition Announcement

Search Announcement

Position Profile


FAQ – Search Process

Who is leading the search process?
The Board of Trustees is responsible for selecting and hiring the next Head of School. To facilitate the search process, the Board created a search committee to accept and assess candidate applications and recommend an outstanding applicant to the Board. Recognizing that selecting our next leader is a critical milestone for the school, the Board has engaged Southern Teachers (ST) to serve as consultants. ST will be an invaluable resource throughout the process, from developing and posting the job description to the final selection of the new Head of School and assisting in the transition.

Who is on the Search Committee?
Bryan Laird, Chair
Langdon Greenhalgh
Celie Harris
Lisa Haynie
Niki Kofsky
Elford Stephens
Anne Williams

What is the expected timeline for the search process?
August 25: Consultants from ST visit campus
September: Advertise the position and build a candidate pool
October: Search committee interviews semi-finalist candidates
November: Finalist candidates visit campus
Late November: Search committee proposes leading candidate to Board of Trustees
Early December: Board announces new Head to the school community
July 1, 2024: New Head of School officially begins

What is the Position Profile?
The Position Profile is the document that is being used to market Powhatan School and the Head of School position. The consultants and search committee collaborated on writing it using the information obtained from various community members. This profile is being disseminated nationally and internationally through advertising media (such as educational leadership organizations) and the consultants’ networks.

What is the role of the search committee?
The search committee’s role is to direct the search process. The committee coordinated the input from the school’s varied constituent groups and worked with ST on creating the Position Profile. The committee will work with ST to narrow the candidate pool and interview semifinalists. Based on those interactions, the committee will narrow the field and organize finalist visits for the community. The committee will propose its top candidate to the Board for selection as the new Head of School. Upon the Board’s approval, the committee will help to facilitate the leadership transition. One of the primary responsibilities of the search committee is to keep the school community informed and engaged throughout the entire search process while respecting the confidentiality of the candidate recruitment process.

What is the role of Southern Teachers?
Based on their years of experience in the industry, the ST consultants will advise the search committee throughout the process. After visiting campus, they helped create the Position Profile, which they are using to market the Head of School position. ST will interview candidates and check references before presenting dossiers for a pool of candidates to the search committee. The consultants will help prepare the search committee and other groups for semi-finalist and finalist interviews and facilitate the flow of feedback between the candidates and the committee. Finally, they will advise the search committee during the transition period.

What is the role of the Board of Trustees?
The Board is responsible for hiring the next Head of School. Trustees will meet the finalist candidates in the fall and, acting upon the recommendation of the search committee, appoint the next Head of School. The Board will ensure that the next Head of School is the best fit based on Powhatan’s current needs and the Board’s strategic plan.

What is the role of parents?
Representatives of the parent community have already met with our ST consultants and will continue to be invited to participate in focus group sessions facilitated by ST. All parents are asked to participate in a community-wide survey. A group of parents will be invited to a Q&A session with the finalist candidates in the fall. Additionally, parents are heavily represented on the search committee, which includes six current parents. Throughout the search process, parents are encouraged to share their thoughts and questions with the search committee.

What is the role of faculty and staff?
Faculty and staff will be actively engaged during the search. Faculty members met with the ST consultants in the summer and are asked to participate in the online survey. Additionally, faculty and staff will be invited to meet the finalist candidates during their on-campus visits in the fall.

What is the role of students?
A group of students met our ST consultants to share their thoughts on what makes our school special and what qualities they want to see in the next Head of School. Student insights will be sought again in the fall when the finalist candidates are on campus.

For additional information, contact Search Committee Chair Bryan Laird at bryanlaird94@gmail.com.