We learn not for school, but for life.


Powhatan’s educational philosophy views elementary and middle school as important steps in a life long learning process that is to be cherished in and of itself. With an emphasis on a literature-based curriculum, the school offers opportunities for intellectual enrichment and personal growth through study that crosses the academic disciplines. Instruction in music, art, drama, public speaking, athletics, and computer technology as well as participation in extra-curricular activities augment the traditional challenges of our program.

The school motto is “we learn not for school but for life” and you will find that it permeates though every aspect of our culture here at Powhatan. Powhatan combines rich and innovative educational programming in a dynamic and highly personalized community. Our literature-based curriculum provides a strong academic foundation for our students and creates a positive atmosphere that encourages lifelong learning. Powhatan believes that academic growth rests on a solid base of positive social and emotional development. In order to foster this goal, we emphasize the building of classroom community throughout the school. As they grow intellectually and socially, our students prepare to move on to upper schools as effective members of their future communities.

At Powhatan, education extends beyond the classroom. Students are exposed to performing and fine arts through hands-on learning activities and field trips. All students participate in sports activities to ensure good physical health, resulting in positive attitudes for learning. Powhatan students learn the value of service to others by volunteering in the classroom, on campus, and in the community.