Kindergarten sets the tone for a lifetime of learning.

The kindergarten program at Powhatan School offers a child-centered, literature-based approach to learning. The focus on thematic units throughout the year encourages children to learn at their developmentally appropriate pace. Full-time instructional assistants aid teachers in individualizing instruction to different learning styles and needs. Children present two oral projects, perform a class play, and enjoy curriculum-related field trips throughout the year. Kindergarten students have the opportunity to interact with older students, fostering a community atmosphere. Community service is stressed beginning in kindergarten. Powhatan’s goal is to develop a well-rounded kindergarten student with a love of learning.

Powhatan offers a Full Day Kindergarten. Learn more about the schedule by viewing the video below:




Outside of the classroom: Field Trip to Blandy Farm


In the classroom: Science


In the classroom: Math


In the classroom: Author Study


In the classroom: Science


In the classroom: En Espanol


In the classroom: Literature at Powhatan


In the classroom: Math Buddies


In the classroom: Nursery Rhymes


Professional Development in K: