Powhatan has selected Loudoun-based Mesh Omnimedia to serve as it’s technology integration partner. Named Loudoun’s 2014 Technology Small Business of the Year, Mesh brings a wide array of capabilities to the Powhatan community. As Powhatan’s agency of record, Mesh will provide full time onsite IT help desk support as well as curriculum development, back office support, professional development and technology class instruction.

Powhatan School Technology ProgramThe technology curriculum at Powhatan begins with a strong focus on Internet safety, as well as instruction in digital citizenship.  Students will be challenged to learn the fundamentals of computer programming, with personalized instruction appropriate for both their grade level and aptitudes. Beyond the technology-specific instruction they receive, students experience the engaging interactivity of RAZ Kids, Everyday Mathematics, and Discovery Education to name a few. Though Powhatan remains dedicated to the philosophy of a literature-based curriculum, emerging technologies are continually being evaluated for classroom productivity, curriculum delivery and student collaboration.

Powhatan has offered a progressive 1:1 laptop program in the Upper School since 2009. In the lower school, Powhatan provides a full complement of age-appropriate devices and educational applications at each grade level.

  • K – iPads
  • 1 – iPads
  • 2 – iPads
  • 3 – Acer Windows 8 touchscreens with attached keyboards
  • 4 – Google Chromebooks
  • 5 – Google Chromebooks

Powhatan has currently embarked on a pilot program of the Google Apps for Education suite of solutions, whereby the 4th and 5th grade will have Chromebooks in the classroom to use for Internet research and project work.  The powerful and flexible Google platform allows our technology team to disable any features that may not be appropriate for certain ages, while allowing older students access to more powerful tools as they progress through their technology training. All teachers have access to the Google Classroom, which is a blended learning platform for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. As a Google-certified institution, every teacher and student as well as faculty at Powhatan has access to unlimited cloud-based backup of schoolwork, which will allow for the seamless transition of archival school projects to personal accounts upon graduation from Powhatan.

Powhatan’s technology program is founded on the belief that technology is an essential tool in assisting students in learning beyond the classroom. To that end, all students have access to computers in their classrooms, individual laptops, tablets and Smart Boards at each grade level as well as the computer lab. Students in sixth through eighth grade continue to build skills in keyboarding, word processing, and Internet research.

The computer lab in the Lindsey Library went through a massive overhaul and renovation in the summer of 2012.  In summer of 2015, the team at Mesh hosted our first “Introduction to Digital Media Technologies” camp in the Powhatan computer lab.  Campers had the opportunity to learn about computer programming, digital music composition, video production, computer graphic design software, and digital media mobile applications.  Photos from the camp may be viewed on our Facebook page here: