Frequently Asked Questions About the Amazon Associates Program at Powhatan:

What is the Amazon Associates Program? Launched in 1996, Associates is’s affiliate marketing program. By linking to Amazon products and services organizations can receive up to 10% in referral fees. Amazon’s program is used by many charitable organizations such as schools to raise funds.

How does the fund-raising part work? Powhatan provides a link on the Powhatan website. Visitors use this link to enter the Amazon site to create an Amazon session. Amazon tracks all purchases made for 24 hours in this session and credits a percentage (4-10%) to Powhatan. The Amazon experience, once on the Amazon site, is exactly the same as you’ve always experienced. Amazon tallys up all the referral fees from multiple users and then sends monthly funds to Powhatan, based upon sales activity. Note: if you switch sessions, you should re-enter the Amazon site through the Powhatan link. Otherwise Amazon will NOT credit the amount to the Powhatan fundraising account.

Who can see my purchase history? Amazon provides a reporting interface to track the number of purchases. This interface is password protected and is only accessible by an authorized Powhatan employee.

What happens if I purchase items from Amazon without going through the Powhatan link? Amazon will not credit purchases to Powhatan unless the purchase was made after going through the Powhatan/Amazon link. After 24 hours, you should re-enter through the Powhatan/Amazon link.

What happens if I already have items in my Amazon “wishlist” ? Will these apply towards the Powhatan fundraising? No, Amazon will not credit purchases that were already stored in a visitors “wishlist”. This is apparently to avoid fraudulent purchases by some users.

Is this fundraising effort only for Christmas gifts? Will this fundraising effort stop after the holidays? We hope to make this link available year-round for fundraising purposes. We anticipate that there are additional services we could provide in the future, such as purchasing uniforms, school supplies, and electronic equipment. With your participation, we can make this a successful program.