After a long, cold, and wet winter, spring is finally here!

We’ve had a terrific Earth Week! Our theme this year was “Trees”, and we spent the week working with Conservation Services to plant over 100 new trees on the Crocker Conservancy. Students in Pre-K through Eighth Grade spent time on the Crocker Conservancy for planting. In addition, students enjoyed a fascinating presentation from our special guest speaker, Mr. Steve Carroll from Blandy Experimental Farm, on what trees are and how they work in addition to hearing from our resident expert, Mr. Legge.

Watch footage from the program in this video:


Here is the schedule for Earth Week:

Tuesday, 4/21
o Planting Trees: Morning  (Fifth Grade, Kindergarten, and Pre-kindergarten)
o Planting Trees: Afternoon (Eighth Grade and Fourth Grade)
o Special Guest Speaker: “What trees are and how they work”
-Mr. Steve Carroll from Blandy Experimental Farm (State Arboretum of Virginia)

Wednesday, 4/22
o Planting Trees: Morning (Sixth Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade)
o Buddy Lunch
o Planting Trees: Afternoon (Seventh Grade and First Grade)