Powhatan Mathcounts team 2014“The Mathcounts team of Lauren, Maddy, Devika, and Suditi went to Richmond on March 15th to compete at the State MathCounts competition. We were one of 14 teams to qualify, and joined a total of 83 “mathathletes” for this challenging next step. We were the only all-girl team, and I believe the first all-girl team at states. They only announce the top 16 individuals and the top five teams at states, so we will have to wait until April 1st for our final ranking. The girls worked hard and give their best. Since three of the team members were seventh graders they got the chance to see the level of the best in Va, so they can see how hard they would need to work to compete next year.”

-Harry Holloway, MathCounts Coach & Math Division Chair

The MathCounts team advanced to the State Tournament after successfully defending the Region Title in February. Powhatan teams have won four straight MathCounts Region Titles.