Powhatan School relies on a number of relationships with community organizations to extend our classroom learning. Last week, students and faculty from Shenandoah University’s Department of Physical Therapy visited kindergarten to share their expertise during our Healthy Bodies unit in science.



Dr. Andrea Fergus, a professor in the DPT program, brought her students along to teach our kindergarteners about people with disabilities and the tools they use to help them in their daily lives. Powhatan students explored wheelchairs, helmets, canes, braces, walkers and prosthetic devices and had an opportunity to try using each one.

To wrap up the lesson, students had a chance to brainstorm ways to incorporate people with disabilities into their daily games and activities. “These lessons help kindergarteners understand and be sensitive to people who are different or face different challenges,” says Mrs. Warren, kindergarten teacher.  “It also shows them that we are all very much the same.”






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