Ski programs are common to independent schools across the mid-Atlantic and northeast. The program provides Powhatan School students the opportunity to learn to Ski and Snowboard from professional instructors.

“It is a wonderful community-building program,” says Head of School Sue Scarborough. “It is a great way for Powhatan families to get together and enjoy an outdoor activity with each other.”

Held over four Tuesday’s in January and February, the program is held at Bryce Ski Resort in Basye, Va.

“Our upper school athletic program is focused on a team-based approach to sports, and this is one way, in particular, where we can provide our students with skills and practice with an individual sport,” says Sally Megeath, Head of the Lower School. ”It’s a skill they can enjoy their entire life.”

“It is great to see our students getting exercise during the cold winter months when they would normally be inside,” says upper school math teacher and one of the Winter Tuesday coordinators, Laura Sirbaugh.

The ski program is open to all students from Kindergarten to 8th grade at Powhatan. “We currently require that adults go with the Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade students, and require all students to take ski lessons,” continued Sirbaugh. “Younger students learn how to ski and then can opt for snowboarding lessons in the fifth grade. We’ve seen a tremendous jump in interest with the students wanting to snowboard.”