ApplyNowButtonPowhatan School opened the first class of Pre-K in the fall of 2013. The Pre-K program is a certified preschool by the state of Virginia. The class is taught by one lead teacher and one assistant teacher, which meets the school requirement of a student/teacher ratio of 9:1. Maximum enrollment for the Pre-Kindergarten program is 10-12 students. Students must turn 4 years old before the first day of school.

Our mornings include free play, language work, math, recess, music and Spanish. After lunch and nap, we have topic work with art or science and more recess. Some of the topics we cover include the seasons, health, transport, animals, butterflies and our community.




Powhatan’s Pre-K is purposefully designed to support great beginnings for our youngest students through a developmental learning program. The core of our philosophy supports our school motto “we learn not for school, but for life” by providing opportunities for students to be actively engaged with tactile, hands-on learning opportunities for individuals and small groups. Opportunities for social and emotional growth abound as the students explore, experiment and discover. The main goals for the program are to foster a love of learning, build confidence and learn to respect others.



Our program focuses on pre-literacy skill development, language development, and mathematical thinking. Interdiscipinary studies include art, music and movement. Students visit the Lindsey Library weekly for story time and book exchange and the Henkel Activities Center twice a week for movement and large motor development. Our playground is located close to the Pre-K classroom, so outside play is a big part of the Pre-K school day. Outdoor education and time for natural exploration are integrated into the science program by using fields and trails on the Crocker Conservancy, located on the campus of Powhatan School.



One of Powhatan School’s most valued assets is its faculty. Our teachers are well-prepared for the responsibilities and focus on student learning. Committed to the pursuit of excellence, they participate in professional development activities both on and off campus. Collaboration is valued and strongly encouraged at all grade levels.



Our Pre-Kindergarten program is an important part of our community. Students participate in Powhatan traditions, buddy program, performances, special events and school schedule as is appropriate. It is a full day program (Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:25 p.m.) with many opportunities for rest, downtime and indoor/outdoor play. Children bring their lunch each day and should wear comfortable play clothes. Daily snack is provided.



Families interested in the Pre-Kindergarten program should contact Mike Hatfield in the Office of Admissions to set up a personal tour. Student Assessment Days will be held in January. A parent must complete the application for admission in order to set up an Assessment Day. Please feel free to call 540.837.1009 or email Mr. Hatfield at for more information.