One of our goals at Powhatan School is to establish and maintain an outstanding program of interscholastic athletics for our students. Our main purpose is to provide opportunities for students to develop positive attitudes, good work habits, and rewarding experiences through individual and group participation.

It is the responsibility of our coaches to be good teachers, both on and off the field. We teach each athlete the basic principles of good technique and fair play. Beginning in kindergarten, each student belongs to an intramural team, the POSTS or the RAILS. These teams compete in age-appropriate athletic activities throughout the school year.

Beginning in sixth grade, interscholastic opportunities are offered as part of every student’s program. Every boy and girl participates on one of Powhatan’s athletic teams and competes in the Piedmont Athletic Conference (PAC 5). The PAC 5 consists of five member schools including Highland School, Hill School, Loudoun Country Day School, Powhatan School and Wakefield School. All games are played on a rotating schedule.

Visit the Powhatan Sports website to view athletic activities that Powhatan offers to its students.