The art and practice of public speaking is highly regarded at Powhatan. From kindergarten through eighth grade, events and activities, such as publishing parties, readers’ theater, oral reports, and kindergarten reading buddies, support our students’ growth in the area of oral communication. Every grade performs a class play, and teachers work with their students on the skills of speech projection, eye contact, and the appropriate pace of speaking.

When students reach the eighth grade at Powhatan, they participate in what is traditionally known as a Chapel Talk. Eighth grade students are enrolled in a class designed to teach the art of preparing and giving a speech. The primary goal of the course is to encourage students to feel and appear comfortable while speaking in front of an audience. Each student chooses a topic to research, and after individual coaching by their teacher, the student presents the speech to the student body, faculty, and parents.

By the time most students leave Powhatan, they have participated in a variety of public speaking activities and have acquired both the skill level and the comfort level that will serve them well in their future careers.

In fact, public speaking begins in Kindergarten with Author Study (see video below).