Powhatan has always been a strong advocate of community service, and our students are engaged in community service activities beginning in kindergarten. Lower School students visit the Rose Hill Nursing Home, and each grade plans and executes small fundraisers in order to support our foster children.

In the past, kindergartners have made and served meals at the Salvation Army, and eighth graders have worked in a soup kitchen in Washington. Powhatan has adopted Route VA-723 and is responsible for picking up trash along the road. Older students have worked with Help for Housing and other community organizations. Powhatan has developed a relationship with Fremont Street Nursery in Winchester, and beginning in fourth grade, our students are involved in various activities with Fremont students. In addition, the entire school participates in annual food drives.

In the spirit of coordinating the various community service projects, the Powhatan Parents’ Association (PPA) has established a Community Service Committee. The committee’s focus is organizing the following annual community service projects:

  • Community rummage sale (October)
  • Food baskets for needy families (November/December)
  • Holiday gifts for needy families (December)
  • Hat and mitten tree (December)

and the following on-going community service projects:

  • Monthly Fill-the-Box program to benefit local non-profit organizations
  • Visits to Rose Hill Nursing Home
  • Foster child sponsorship program
  • Recycling center for the community
  • Student Council support of special projects
  • Individual class fundraising projects

We believe that a lifetime of meaningful community service can begin at Powhatan. A voluntary program of community service is in effect during the school year. Seventh and eighth grade students are asked to participate in community service projects totaling ten hours for seventh graders and fifteen hours for eighth graders. These projects can be completed after school or during the summer. Students performing community service for civic organizations, church groups, or scouting or 4H programs can count this service toward their Powhatan requirement.