At Powhatan, parents play a fundamental role in supporting the mission and goals of the school through active and engaged participation. Every parent is a member of the Powhatan Parents Association, or PPA.

The PPA works to support and advance the mission of the school. The PPA recognizes and endeavors to foster the reciprocal relationship between the students, their families, and the school as well as the community at large. Parents, as partners, contribute to each of these constituencies by sharing their time, talents, resources, and knowledge. The PPA will provide community building opportunities, support fundraising events and educational programs, and provide volunteer support in many aspects of school life. The PPA will develop a spirit of inclusion and investment by advocating active participation. The PPA encourages every parent to become involved in this joint effort.

The Goals of the PPA are to promote a closer relationship between the school community, to provide support for school functions, to foster the idea that volunteerism is an essential ingredient for the success of the school; and to respect and support the established policies and practices as set forth by the school.

A Leadership Team is elected annually, and are supported by an essential group of Committee Coordinators and support volunteers who manage and execute all of the programs.

For more specific information about the PPA, such as meeting times and minutes, proceed to the Powhatan Parent Portal and click on the Resource tab.