“Big Dreams Day – a designated time and space to celebrate students’ hard work and wildest dreams – began as a tradition after the inspiration of a stellar colleague in Huntington, West Virginia who, herself, was a wild dreamer. She taught that big dreamers don’t allow obstacles to stop them from their pursuit of what others think impossible. With that spirit, Big Dreams Day carried on as a tradition even through the infamous year of 2020 and extended, still, into the challenges of 2021. We were so grateful to have celebrated Big Dreams Day this year, despite its differences from years past. Today we were afforded the opportunity to hear a word from Rousawn Dozier who shared how the sneaky, secret killers of big dreams creep up on us throughout our lives. Then, through story-telling and high-energy motivation, Mr. Dozier provided insight on how to arm ourselves with practical ways to protect our dreams and continue to relentlessly pursue them. He taught us that our perspective, our language, and our willingness to keep digging are the keys to achieving even our biggest dreams.” ~Mrs. Bell, Fifth Grade Teacher