“I’ve just loved watching all of the different Buddy Activities in action. I think there is something very special about younger children working alongside older students.”
~Mrs. Scarborough, Head of School

We’ve had a terrific Buddy week!

Buddy Activities are often referred to by students and faculty alike as a highlight of the Powhatan experience. Building relationships with new children each year contributes to the social and emotional well-being of each member of our Powhatan community, and we feel strongly that this is an essential part of all children’s education.

The purpose of the buddy program is to build mentorship and friendship between different aged students. We build a strong sense of community through buddies. These activities build confidence in younger students – through a strong sense of belonging. Older students – Big Buddies – take on a leadership role, like today’s mural activity. Students cheer for their buddies when they endeavor to try something new, they encourage one another when they perform in plays, and they support each other in various activities across campus.

This year, we used our theme – Positively Powhatan – to design multiple activities across campus for an entire week!

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Big Buddies: Fifth Grade
Little Buddies: First Grade

Students enjoyed a gardening activity, planting bulbs in the Nancy St. Clair Talley Corner. Mrs. Scarborough, the Head of School, joined the students for the activity and spoke about the legacy that Mrs. Talley left at Powhatan.



Big Buddies: Eighth Grade
Little Buddies: Fourth Grade

Fourth grade and eighth grade students have both been studying Conservation in science class. On Thursday, both classes got together to discuss their recent experiences (Fourth Grade Conservation Day & the Eighth Grade Chesapeake Bay Trip) and create posters about Conservation to display around campus!



Big Buddies: Fifth Grade
Little Buddies: First Grade

Buddies enjoyed a Pumpkin Painting activity by the pond. The pumpkins are on display out in front of school.


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First grade and fifth grade Big Buddies… #BuddyWeek #PositivelyPowhatan

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Big Buddies: Seventh Grade
Little Buddies: Pre-K

Pre-K buddies ventured out to the Crocker Conservancy for a fun Scavenger Hunt.



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Seventh graders spent the morning on a scavenger hunt with their Pre-K Buddies… #BuddyWeek #PositivelyPowhatan

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Big Buddies: Sixth Grade
Little Buddies: Second Grade

Big and Little Buddies worked together on individual pieces of art that will be combined to create a large mural based on our theme of Positively Powhatan!

Big Buddies:
Little Buddies: Third Grade

Both grades enjoyed a Buddy Lunch on the Crocker Conservancy. After lunch they worked together to create messages of gratitude to our local veterans.



Big Buddies: Seventh Grade
Little Buddies: Kindergarten

Kindergarten and seventh grade buddies held a Scavenger Hunt in Ibit’s Courtyard.